Keep Your Inbox Under Control: Quick Email Management Tip

 Does your email inbox seem to be overwhelmed every day by the amount of subscriptions you have. I know mine does. Did you know that there is way to have all of these bundled into one email that you can scan over and read the ones that jump out at you or save the rest for later? This is by far the most useful app that I have found in a long time.

The Easy-to-Set-Up Email Management Tool That Will Keep Working Forever

Quick Email Management Tip is truly your email inbox life saver. It cuts downs on the time you have to filter through your email by bundling all of your subscriptions into one email and placing the originals into a folder in your email account.

There are dozens of email newsletters that I look forward to every week but sometimes they pop up in my inbox and I miss them between everything else that I have to sift through. Being a blogger, means hundreds if not thousands of emails show up in my inbox everyday. And being one that strives for inbox zero the newsletters always seem to be in the way. They are always full of amazing content but sometimes I just don’t have time to read them and forget to go back to them when I do have have few minutes to read them.

It is super easy to set up. Just add your email. Sort through the list of subscriptions to either “roll up” the ones you want to keep, unsubscribe from the ones you never read or keep them coming straight to your inbox. And then once a day you get your subscriptions in one easy to read email. Or you sign right into the website and read the ones you have time for.

Did I mention that this is a free tool? Not only will you not spend any cash on it you will save time. And we all know how precious that can be when running our own businesses.

Do you have any email management tools that you use to keep your inbox under control? I want to hear about them in the comments below.


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